"Cinema Povero" Cultural Association

The Cultural Association “Cinema Povero” is founded in Ispra (VA) on January 1, 2017, with the tax code nr.92032610120.
The headquarters of the Association is 21027 ISPRA – Via Acqua Negra, 32

Our Association aims to practice, promote and spread the culture and art with particular attention to the cinema sector, audiovisual field, web, inspiring his work to the universal human values.
In particular, the Association aims to make the annual Film Festival called “Festival Internazionale del Cinema Povero”; to promote activities related to cinematography such as: movie making, training for film direction, photography, script, etc. even in collaboration with agencies, schools, faith organizations, etc .; to encourage initiatives that promote culture, history and traditions of the peoples, of the world, of the territory, through the presentation of documentaries, books, exhibitions, conferences;

All who share its aims and principles can become members of the Association.