Festival Internazionale del Cinema Povero Official Award

The creation of “The Nasso” award is born from the awareness of the “Cinema Povero” From this main theme, the artist was inspired in the creating of a sculpture which is visually simple but full of meaning, just as the event. The material: iron, poor but of archaic origin, solid and primeval.
The idea to bring back to the memory Award-Event-Location, even if in its elementariness, has requested a study quite complex.
What may bring to mind a movie? The film. The place? The lake.
For this reason the water, the natural element, can bend the “film” to remind the wave.
Last but not least “the nasso”, a typical tree of this geographical area, become the symbol of a great emotional impact.
The award: a perfect fusion of all the elements mentioned above.

(Ottaviano Cesare – sculptor)

The prize awarded to each winner is called “IL NASSO”.
The Nasso is a plant that grows luxuriantly on a hill overlooking our town: ISPRA.
The hill is called “Monte dei Nassi”. The sculpture is the work of Cesare Ottaviano, a famous Ispra sculptor.

Ottaviano Cesare

Sculptor, living in Ispra, graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. He exhibited in several national galleries: Palazzo Venezia in Rome, sculpture exhibition at the Brera Academy, "Incontri" gallery in Gallarate, Busto Arsizio, Bergamo, Genoa, etc.